Recommended Products

Recommended Products

A dog’s nose is highly sensitive and can become very painful when their tissues are dry, chapped or cracked.
No pet owner wants to see his or her pet in pain or discomfort and Natural Dog Snout Soother can come to their rescue.  Our nose balm for dogs is the perfect blend of 100% all natural nourishing, healing and moisturizing ingredients.  Our soothing balm can be applied to a dog’s nose as a preventative measure for dryness or cracking or it can be used to treat painful cracking and dryness that has already occurred.

Snout Soother is to dogs what Chapstick is to people.  If you ask just about any American family what they use for chapped lips, they will show you their Chapstick.  Now dog owners have their own product they can apply to their furry member’s nose!

Be wary of other products that contain fragrance – natural or not. We made the decision to NOT include scent in our formula. Humans loves fragrance but dogs do not! Their extreme olfactory senses would smell garbage or other unmentionables. So, if you want a product that your dog won’t turn his nose up literally, try Snout Soother. Your dog will thank you!

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You love your pet as if they were your own child, so why not spoil them just the same? With pet apparel and accessories from Pappi Couture Pet Boutique, you can ensure that your pet is dressed to impress for any occasion.

 Here at Pappi Couture Pet Boutique, our products are all made with the finest quality fabrics, ribbons and webbing available to hold even the strongest of dogs. From collars and leashes to harnesses, dresses, vests and everything in between, all pet apparel and accessories are custom designed for you and your little furbaby to enjoy.
 What makes our business so unique is the fact that we provide designer quality products without the designer price tag. Anything purchased from Pappi Couture Pet Boutique is competitively priced regardless of the fact that we add all of the special touches like bows, flowers and charms. We also offer you the option to choose the style, design, color and fabric of your products, unlike the majority of our competitors.
 As pet owners ourselves, we understand how important your pet is to you. Just because you want to give them the best doesn’t mean you have to break the bank in the process. We here at Pappi Couture Pet Boutique would be honored to design new and fashionable outfits and accessories for your furbaby’s closet. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!