I met Rags about 18 months ago and it was love at first sight.  Rags is a sable Javanese dog weighing about 15 pounds.  He is a love.  Rags can be both stubborn and I have been told that he has an attitude.  I can train dogs but not very well and who has the time.   Anyway, I heard that someone was giving dog lessons and I signed up Rags for school.  We went on a Wednesday evening and our group consisted of six to eight dogs.  Rags loved it.  He made friends, became social and learned how to behave.  Within the six weeks of training he learned to sit, stay, come, go down, give me the paw and heel with no stress of yelling or scolding or anything.  This was all due to one person Kristen.  If you need a trainer, this is the one.  You can see she loves dogs and understands them.  But even better she understands us – owners- and that is what makes her so good.  Today Rags is a good dog who will do anything to please you.  He comes to school with me every day.  He sits on his chairs and greets everyone new and old.  The children have no fear of him and I have never seen him get upset or annoyed with them.  He goes out with them at lunch time, plays with them and protects them.  Plus he is my friend and I believe Kristen was very influential in this happening.


“Bonny received her AKC star puppy medal and lovely certificate!  We are so proud!  Thank you so much for your puppy classes which are so much fun! Your class is a major highlight of Bonny’s week! She loves all the other “big dogs”!  She wants to just jump up and give you a big doggy kiss!” – C.A.







Keira & Mya

“Keira & Mya BEFORE being trained by you and another AFTER training with you.” – K.F.

Sakata & Emiko

“As you know the Shiba Inu breed is very strong willed.  Having Kristen’s help from 10 weeks on allowed us to have the most well behaved, lovable, kind hearted Shiba.  He [Sakata] loves all other animals – no matter the size.  We recently purchased a female so we could have more Shiba Inu’s!!!! Our Thanks to Kristen! We love you.” – C.U.

Mochie & Indy

“Thank you for giving us the skills and knowledge to truly make Indy and Mochie part of our family. Your obedience classes make everyone feel like they’re part of a community. We look forward to attending many events with our new friends.” – J.P.

Daisy & Chloe

We love Kristen!